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ADDOT WellLife

ADDOT WellLife Vegan Hemp Immune Natural Gummies -Elderberry, Sambucus, Vitamin C, Zinc, & Hemp- Immune Boost- Relaxation, Stress, Sleep, Pain, Insomnia & Anxiety (1 Bottle 60 Gummies)…

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  • πŸ‘ Natural Nutrient Supplement-ADDOT WellLife Natural gummies-full of all essential nutrients, top quality omega 3-6-9, and vitamins that can support overall well-being. We care deeply about your health
  • πŸ‘ Immunity- It is immunity that protects our body from various germs. In addition to hemp ingredients, Elderberry, Sambucus, Vitamin C and Zinc ingredients are added to strengthen the body's immunity.
  • πŸ‘ Are you lacking sleep?-Apply premium Natural gummies to improve your sleep and have a better rest. Helps in relaxation, promotes positive emotions and feelings. Wake up with a more refreshing mood and improve the quality of your overall everyday life
  • πŸ‘ Natural gummies for pain? Reduced! Starting with two premium organic Gummies, the basic dosage, and adjusting as needed, it provides a natural and pleasant way to reduce pain, relieve anxiety and stress.
  • πŸ‘ FUN DESIGN & DELICIOUS- A simple and cute shaped bear specially designed to provide a stress-free life. It tastes good and smells so good. If you eat now, you will wake up to a happier person tomorrow.


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